A Great Day

Today was a great day.

This morning at about 11:00, myself and my three dear friends Guy, Cassie, and Laurel all left a camp get together and decided to hang out a little. We sat on the street for a while and talked, then we decided to go get some food. We went to Trader Joe's and bought some picnic supplies. Following the buying of the picnic supplies, we found a sweet little park at which we enjoyed our picnic lunch. After this lunch, we sat on blankets on the grass and talked... til about 5:00. At five we headed to Laurels place to grab her roomie and go find some more fun. At this point Josh joined the fun. We went to supper at Amazing Thailand, a restaurant in Uptown, which is just that: Amazing! Shortly after being satisfied with food, we headed back to Laurel's to play a game. After Cassie won this game, everyone left and went to their respective locations.

Today was a great day.

No schedule. Beautiful weather. Great friends. A time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy. A welcome respite from the business that is camp life. That is all :-)

as always,

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