Of Planets and People: A Family Camp Story

Family camp is fun. Family camp is also funNY.

This past weekend was the final family camp of the summer. Not only was it a beautiful weekend, but there were tons of little children. When I say 'tons' i mean that there were 100 kids under the age of 11. Yeah, tons. The best part about these little kids was that they were hilarious. Let me tell you a story...

Guy, Cassie, Loberg, Laurel, Chef Jim, and myself were sitting outside eating. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was gorgeous. As we are eating and enjoying conversation, a little girl runs up to the table and precedes to let us know which planets she thought we were. Loberg was a sun spot, Jim was "plain old neptune", and I was (unfortunately) Uranus. Then she got to Guy. She takes one look at him and exclaims loudly, "You would be Mercury, because you're HOT!!! You are HOT!!!" Loberg lost it, Guy had a funny look on his face, and I choked on my milk. It was priceless, and one of the best memories of this past weekend.

Kids say the darndest things :-)

as always,